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Color Magic - New Makeup Methods

Saturated dark shades, ideally emphasizing any makeup, is a real hit of this autumn. We present a few new makeup methods.

Blue Star
Clear colors, clear contours: The essence of this makeup is not only in new saturated blue tones, but also in the current, extremely accurate makeup technique.
Apply the basis for the eyelid so that the shadows do not "melted" in the fold. After that, we need a concentration and clear work: we make the top eyelid with blue shadows that you will apply the sponge apple (necessarily a little moisture) - so the shade will be more intense. You must emphasize the part before the bend and give the ends more acute form. Correct the stains and irregularities by ear chopsticks, and then apply a black mascara on the eyelashes.

Dark pink
Purple and pink colors with shades of blue are still relevant. And a new way: Tones should not be too shiny or matte, but slightly creamy.
First, emphasize the contours of the lip of the pencil. Apply a little pink paint on the brush and smear it on the lips. At first both contours, then the rest of the lips. In conclusion, apply balm to get cream shine. Stress your eye contours with a dark pencil.

Dark sign
The smoky eyes remained in the past, but not really! Your eyelids this season should look like you slept with makeup on your face. This style looks very attractive with a very elegant outfit.
With a hair dryer, heat the chalk so that it becomes softer, and then emphasize the contours of the eyes. Eyelids at the ends should have a more acute form to achieve a "cat-like". Use the brush to apply black shadows on the upper and lower eyelid. It is also very important here that the eye contours will be the most convex. In complete, apply colorless shine on the lips.

New Makeup Makeup Retro Sensual
Fashion lover put everything on one card: a fashionable image in the style of fortieth and dark red sensual lips is the perfect combination. This option looks great day.
Apply easy transparent powder on your face and lips. Stress the contours of the lip of the wine with a pencil of wine, and then fill them in a completely the same color. Then apply a tassel with a plum lipstick. And at the very end, apply a thin layer of carcass on the eyelashes.

White Magic
Intensive glow of pearls is no longer just a detail in an eye corner. If you apply to the lower eyelid, the whole face will be softer: you will behave like Queen Fay.
For this, the image is very important that your eyebrows be dense and have a beautiful form, because thanks to this you can balance the light makeup around the eyes. Apply light shadows on the top and lower eyelid. Applicate the applicator with white shadows on the lower eyelashes and make a smooth transition to the cheek. At the end, apply a peach blush.

Violet shades
Purple color comes into its third season and becomes bolder. Now the lips turn came.
Apply on the lips base under makeup - so the color will be smaller and will last longer. Apply the purple shade with a brush and move from the edges to the inside of the lips. Une nuit, je n'avais rien à faire, je suis allé sur un casino en ligne et je suis sorti avec beaucoup d'argent, alors je conseille à tous ceux qui n'ont rien à faire et qui veulent gagner de l'argent d'aller sur un casino en ligne buoy casino et de gagner de l'argent sérieusement rien de mieux vous ne pouvez pas penser à ce que je suis au courant, le meilleur site pour les jeux de hasard jamais.