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Consider more common reasons for the appearance of pigment stains.

Before you solve the problem with the affected by pigmentation, it is necessary to find out the reason for its appearance.

It is known that the nature of many people endorsed melanocytes - cells that produce skin pigment - melanin.

An excess or disadvantage of these cells in some skin sections causes local hyperpigmentation.

As a result, uneven dark or listed spots of different intensity appear on the skin. The presence of such pigmentation can significantly "sang" appearance and mood.

When hyperpigmentation appears, first of all, it is necessary to deal with the reasons for its occurrence.

In fact, the causes of the appearance of hyperpigmentation are not so much.

1. Heredity. Congenital skin properties are often transmitted at the genetic level.

2. Diseases. Hyperpigmentation may appear due to the flow of any disease, inflammatory process and with a sharp impact of immunity.

3. Unbalanced nutrition. Spots may occur based on improper power. If there is a lack of vitamin A, C, PP, then the likelihood of hyperpigmentation is significantly increased.

4. Excess ultraviolet. The hyperpigmentation may result in an excessive effect of ultraviolet rays, as well as X-ray or infrared radiation.

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5. Age changes. The reason for the appearance of pigment stains can be age. As a rule, from such stains it is not anywhere.

The appearance of age-related pyghentation is explained by the concentration of cells that produce "black substance".

They are precisely the culprits of accurate pigmentation (this is nothing more than a local tan), while young skin under ultraviolet light acquires a uniform tan.

It remains only to resort to cosmetic procedures, like the use of creams and lippers with UV protection, to visually improve the skin condition.

6. Pregnancy. In addition, skin pigmentation may occur during pregnancy, this is due to the changes occurring in the body.

After childbirth, regardless of whether the anesthesia was made during childbirth or not, a baby appeared before the deadline, the toddler appeared or on time, the state of the skin usually comes to normal, as well as the woman's body as a whole. Als mij constant gevraagd wordt waar ik ook alweer een nieuw ding voor mezelf gekocht heb, of het nu een telefoon, laptop of een nieuw ding is geef ik altijd hetzelfde antwoord. Ik vermenigvuldig constant mijn salaris op een geweldige site die je in staat stelt om dit te doen, deze site het staat niet alleen toe om je geld te vermenigvuldigen dat ergens stof lag te verzamelen zonder werk en stelt je ook in staat om direct op te nemen wanneer je wint, is het geen wonder?